The Little Lodge Spa’s collection of body treatments and massage are tailored to your needs to ensure you experience the best in physical and

emotional wellbeing.


For a luxurious treat add The Little Lodge Facial to any treatment for £20!

Hot Stone Therapy


A specialty massage where heated basalt stones are used to relax the muscles, circulation is improved and tension and stress reduced.


Hot Stone Therapy Full Body                                60 Minutes -  £50.00


Hot Stone Therapy Back, Neck and Shoulder      30 Minutes -  £35.00

Hopi Ear Candles


An alternative to ear syringing. Relives tension headaches, sinus problems and congestion. Treatment includes a relaxing facial massage.


30 Minutes - £25.00

Indian Head Massage


A soothing Indian Head Massage treatment will deeply relax you releasing stress, tension and fatigue from your whole body.


*The Indian Head Massage is healing and deeply relaxing.

*Effectively helps migraines, headaches, insomnia and sinusitis.


30 Minutes - £25.00

Full Body Massage


A relaxing massage with a bespoke blend of luxury aromatherapy oils


60 Minutes - £40.00

Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot Revival


A Mediterranean inspired scrub and massage with a blend of essential oils that promote skin renewal, leaving your legs and feet revived and silky smooth.


30 Minutes - £25.00

Life-Saving Back Treatment


Deep skin exfoliation with a Mediterranean scrub, warm mud is smoothed over the back for a very cleansing treatment. Heated pads remove the mask before a stimulating massage, leaving you revitalized and a back to show off.


45 Minutes - £40.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage


A traditional massage using firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. After a consultation on whether you would like a relaxing, energising or muscle work out massage, I will tailor the treatment to you and the body oils to your needs. Whichever massage you choose it is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and revived.


30 Minutes - £25.00



Body exfoliation with a Mediterranean sugar scrub that is rich in extracts and essential oils. Removes toxins and leaves the skin wonderfully fragrant.


30 Minutes - £30.00


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